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  Volume I Issue III    Perspective    February,1999

 Officers' Names
Steve Vibol Ouch


Sopheap Keo
Chhoun Sen


Roeun Chin


Sokha Huot
Kiry Poeun


Phany Kong

 Club's Photographer

Chris Chung


Pok Khem

Dr. Teri Yamada
Mr. John D'Amicantonio

 Student Life & Development Advisor

Vasanthi Ananth

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Welcome Back!

Recap of CSS Last Semester Events

  Welcome back everyone! It's really 1999! The Millenium is almost here. We the Cambodian Student Society of California State University of Long Beach would like to thank all of our members and sponsors who supported us through the Fall semester of 1998.
   Last year we had a wonderful year. We accomplished so much in such a short time. It is amazing what can be achieved when everyone helps out.
   We have so much planned and so many things to do in this last half of our school year. We need all the help we can get to accomplish what we planned.
   Last year the officers worked hard and met through the summer to plan for the Fall semester. All of the officers dedicated their time, resources and even money to see that the club this year would be a success.
   In the Fall semester the Cambodian Student Society offered many activities for our members to take part. We started off the semester with a get together bonfire at Bolsa Chica Beach. It was a wonderful and successful gathering. We had an estimated 50 to 80 people attending. People came from all around to show their support. We had people from UCI, Fullerton, C-HOPE, UCLA, SDSU, USC, LBCC and others. We would like to thank all those who came out to support us.
   Later in the semester we participated in a Halloween party with UCI at UCI, spent a night of fun with our Billiard and Bowling Night, learned to create a homepage with our workshop and finally we ended the semester with our Christmas party.
   Through the year at the meetings we educated the members with guest speakers from the real world to help us understand about the real world. We had lawyers, a teacher, and others as our speakers. We also would like to thank them for their time to come and speak with us.
   For the Fall semester CSS was able to put out two editions of the club newsletter, “Perspective” . This is the first time in CSS history to have a newsletter published. The officers felt the club needed to offer the members and the club more to look for. In the past the only event or activities to keep the club alive and together was the annual New Year Cultural Show. Of course we will continue this tradition. We also want our newsletter to continue for future generations. A newsletter offering our members more to look forward to in the club.
   In planning our newsletter we at first want to present a newsletter targeting just our members. Later we came up with a newsletter which will not only target our members, but also the general public and other clubs and organizations. We wanted a newsletter that can bring together the Cambodian people. We wanted a newsletter that would help educate, inform and entertain. We wanted a newsletter that would allow people to openly express themselves and offer different views from everyone’s point of views. This is how we came up with the name “PERSPECTIVE” thanks to John D’Amicantonio our advisor and the Khmer name seem most appropriate.
   We publish about 800-1000 copies per issue of ournewsletter. We distribute the newsletter to everyone, the members and the general public. It cost us about $250-$300 per issue to be published. We solicit donations to fund our newsletter project. So far people have been very generous. We are able to pay for the two issues published in the Fall semester. Beside soliciting donations to fund the publications, we also ask people to help submit writings, comments, stories, poems and drawings to us for publication.
   We are happy to have those who help with their writings submitted to us. We are encouraging an continue asking for more writings. The writings submitted help keeps this newsletter alive.  
   Roeun Chin
CSS Secretary


CSS Homepage Workshop

CSS Christmas Party

Halloween Party: CSS and UCI Partying Together

Second Session: Plans and Activities

Guest Speaker

CSS Night of Billiard and Bowling: Fun! Fun! Fun!

Submitted Writings --by Sisowath Doung Chato

  Poetry Corner:
"My Forbidden Childhood" by Darith Ung

An Anglo's View of Cambodia by Bob Buchanan

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Non-Violence Peace March

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3/29/99 Newsletter Webbed by Pok Khem with permission from Steve Vibol Ouch.

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