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  Volume I Issue III    Perspective    February,1999

  Poetry Corner
by Darith Ung

I was eleven, I was yet a child,
When life would be filled with joy and smiles;
Doing all those wonderful childhood things,
Unfortunately, all of this was deprived.

I wis to let you know my dear friends,
Why did I come and take up land;
Surely not because I want to be a burden,
But for me it was a matter of survival.

Because ... while you were playing, having fun,
I was in the rice field under the hot sun;
Sweating and weary digging the hard dirt,
While someone's watching, making sure that I work.

And while you were giggling with laughter,
I was begging and crying of hunger;
And while you were cuddling in a warm bed,
I was facing another cold and lonely night yet.

It was my dreadful forbidden childhood,
I was allowed no love, no toys, and no food;
I hope all of this would help you to understand,
Nightmares I would never ever want you to experience.


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