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  Volume I Issue III    Perspective    February,1999

Cambodian Student Society
California State University of Long Beach

Who We Are:

In 1981, Cambodian students at California State University of Long Beach formed the Cambodian Student Society club. The Cambodian Student Society also known as CSS is a non-profit organization. The students realize a need for Cambodian students and all students to socialize and meet other people. We believe that education is important and a need to understand, socialize and working with others is a part of the educational experience. For the past 15 years, CSS has played a role in providing a place for all interested students with these incentives as well as many other wonderful and creative activities such as shows, festivals, and exciting events for everyone, students and the Cambodian community.

What We Do:

Cambodian Student Society strives to provide broad services that offer guidance for students. CSS offers activities that promote the better understanding of Cambodian culture, customs, arts, and heritage. We promote activities for students and non-students array of workshops, guest speakers, and networking. CSS also offer activities, which allow our members and anyone interested to participate in our picnics, bonfire, and cultural event. And in the best interest with cultural preservation we part take in our annual New Years Cultural Show and volunteer our time to work with Cambodian community in Southern California.

Our Current and Future Commitment:

In order for CSS to continue providing these wonderful festivals and activities to our Cambodian Community, we would appreciate your generous donations and sponsorship.

This year we the Cambodian Student Society of CSU Long Beach are putting out a newsletter and starting our networking program which we call "CSS NETWORK”. The goal of our newsletter is to better inform our members and everyone. We want to encourage students and the community to participate in voicing their comments, interest and talents by submitting writings, drawing, personal experience and poetry which relates to Cambodian and Khmer culture, custom, arts, history, and heritage. Our networking program will help mentor and network students and business professionals with other students and successful professional individuals.

Your generous donations and sponsorship will enable CSS to continue funding our educational and social programs, which benefits both the students and the community. For your help and generosity we, Cambodian Student Society will help market and advertise your business in our newsletter, on World Wide Web in the internet in our homepage, and flyers at our events and to the community.

Please submit your donation along with the completed form to:

California State University of Long Beach Student Life and Development, USU
Attn: Cambodian Student Society
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90840

E-Mail us at:

or you visit us on the net at: http:/


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