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  Volume I Issue II    Perspective    November,1998

 Fundraising for the Angkor Hospital for Children

    The Friends Without A Border is a non-profit organization founded by Mr. kenro Izu and its mission is to care for children in Asia. Its major project is the establishment of a hospital in Cambodia named the Angkor Clinic for Children located in the Siem Reap Providence. Mr. Kenro Izu is a skilled and talented photographer who helped build the hospital by contributing a portion of the "Light Over Ancient Angkor" book sales. This clinic will take care of children who continue to be injured or killed by an estimated eight million landmines still active in Cambodia. This hospital is specifically for children who were exposed to landmines, who are suffering from the pediatric diseases and who are too poor to afford a decent health care.



    On September 12th, Mr. Izu visted Long Beach to help kick-off the opening of the "Light Over Ancient Angkor" exhibit held at The Art of Apsara Gallary in the United Cambodian Community. The event was a fundraising attempt to raise money for the hospital. The sales proceeds of the book and original photographs will go directly to the funding of the hospital. Mr Kenro Izu gave a slide presentation of the beauty in ancient Angkor and the Angkor Clinic for Children project and about his experiences in Cambodia. The "Light Over Ancient Angkor" exhibit at The Art of Apsara will go on from September 11 to November 17.

    The Angkor Clinic for Children in Siem Reap is scheduled to open on December 1,1998. The opening ceremony will kick-off in January 1999. The hospital will be staffed based on a volunteer basis. For more information about the Angkor Clinic for Children please send an e-mail inquiry to

   Kiry Poeun, CSS Treasurer

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