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  Volume I Issue II    Perspective    November,1998

 Parents' Involvement In Their Children's Education And Activities

    I believe parents have always considered education as a key to success for their children's future. They want their children to become educated so they could contribute to the developemnt of their community and to upward their soioeconomic status in the American society. Those Khmer parents who are very concerned about their children's education in this country are pretty much aware of the competition in the job market. Therefore, they have often advised their children to study hard in school in order to prepare for a better future.

    In response to why Khmer parents do not participate in their children's education or activities, I believe that there are many factors. However, I personally feel that the main factors are language barrier and the Khmer parents' perceptions of school and its responsibility. First, many Khmer parents came to America with limited English or no English at all. Many do not know what is being taught in school or whether their children have homewrok or not. Thus, they are not able to monitor their children's academic progress in school. They tend to rely on their children to inform them about their grades, homework or school activities. Second, most Cambodians parents instill with them the traditional beliefs that the teachers and the school should be solely responsible for their teaching, learning, and disciplining.



    In America, the beliefs are still carried on among some parents; that teachers and school are held responsible for their children's education and well-being at school. As a result, few parents get involved in their children's education or school's activities.

    To help Khmer parents become active in their children's school activities and education, the school personnel need to make extra efforts to educate Khmer parents of their role in their children's education and the school system. Khmer parents need to understand that they can make a great positive impact on their children's academic performance by being involved with their education and school activities. On the other hand, children will put more efforts in school knowing that their parents are keeping eyes on them

   Chhoun, Sen CSS Vice-President

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