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  Volume I Issue II     Perspective     November,1998

 Officers' Names
Steve Vibol Ouch


Sopheap Keo
Chhoun Sen


Roeun Chin


Sokha Huot
Kiry Poeun


Phany Kong

 Club's Photographer

Chris Chung


Pok Khem

Dr. Teri Yamada
Mr. John D'Amicantonio

 Student Life & Development Advisor

Vasanthi Ananth

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  Cambodian Student Society (CSS) establishment of Perspective was based on a variety of purposes. First, CSS wanted to provide opportunities and accessibility for students and individuals to voice their opinions and viewpoints. Thus, the title Perspective supports the idea of writings and creativity based on one own experience. The Khmer title came into surface based on the guidance of Mr. Manara. This title describes that the content of our newsletter is merely a reflection of our perspective in life and society. Second, Perspective is a tool for CSS to help educate and create awareness within our community and us. The work in Perspective contains comments and facts that are viewed by our staff as important to the well being of our community. For instance, this issue contains topic such as parents involvement, orphanage in Cambodia, sexual transmitted disease such as AIDS and more. Although some of these topics may be considered controversial or imappropriate by some, we feel that it is vital to our community that discussion of such occurs. Third, CSS encouraged fellow Cambodians to share experience, culture and customs with each other and society as a whole. Furthermore, Perspective also serves a a foundation to promote an atmosphere for academic goals and achievement among Cambodians. As a part of our community services commitment we are providing job listing and CSS networking where professional and students can interact.

   Sopheap Keo
Vice-President of CSS

"The truly educated can listen to any view without losing their temper or self-confidence." --Robert Frost


Comment on your Perspective September 16,1998

AIDS in Cambodia/Long Beach

Orphanage in Cambodia

A Lost Identity among Cambodian-Americans

Parents' Involvement In Their Children's Education And Activities

Funraising for the Angkor Hospital for Children

Fourth Annual Fall Back-to-School Bonfire September 25,1998

Cambodian Student Society First General Meeting September 11th, 1998

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